Behavior Policy

Success, whether in the classroom or in life, depends greatly on self-discipline. Rules and consequences are necessary to help students make good decisions about their behavior. The following is a set of basic classroom rules for fourth grade, and consequences for inappropriate behavior choices.essay papers

Basic Rules:

* Follow directions the first time they are given.

* Complete all assignments on time and to the best of your ability.

* Show respect for all people and property in the school.

We use a card system. The idea is to stay on green all day. Verbal warnings are always given except in the most serious of behavior violations.

If the action is not corrected after one (or sometimes three) verbal warnings, then we start moving cards.

Green = all good

Yellow = we’re having some problems and need to get it together

Red = some sort of consequence is now necessary…usually loss of recess or a logical consequence

Blue = a think sheet will need to be filled out and signed by parents

Everyone starts out on green each day.


Logical Consequences include:

* loss of recess

* loss of tickets

* loss of privilege

* written apology

* “Think Sheet” signed by child, teacher, and parents


In the worst case scenarios (blatant disrespect, hitting another student, stealing etc) it will be necessary to write up an official discipline report.